"Failure will never overtake you, as long as your determination to succeed is strong enough"


"Confidence comes from hours and days and weeks of constant work and dedication."


"Celebrate your achievements and applaud your triumphs to refuel your enthusiasm and keep yourself motivated for your future endeavors." 

Meet the Staff.

Tena Ragsdale

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Founder and owner of Tena's Gymnastics since 1982.  Tena is very much involved in the day to day classes and loves seeing the kids learning.

Jordan Ragsdale

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Co-Owner and General Manager @ TGIC. She has taught pre-school thru competitive gymnastics team before moving to her role as GM.

Will Ragsdale

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Will is co-owner and operator at TGIC. He oversees the day to day operations and scheduling.

Sidney Thomas

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Sidney is the Manager @ TGIC and oversees all office operations.

Sasha Ford

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Sasha is an Assistant Manager here @ TGIC.  She is also the level 1 and Level 2 competitive gymnastics coach.

Keely Hamilton

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Keely is an Assistant Manager here @ TGIC.  She specializes in Preschool and Cheerleading.

Ansley Damron

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Ansley is our Level 4 thru OPTIONALS competitive team coach.  She also teaches Adv. Tumbling and other cheer classes.

Breckyn Ballard

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Breckyn specializes in teaching pre-school and intermediate gymnastics.

Haven Calavita

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Haven is a junior coach who will be assisting teaching pre-school, tumbling, and some cheer.

Sarah Beth Cloud

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Sarah Cloud.jpg

Sarah Beth specializes in being a preschool coach.  She also teaches tumbling and intro gymnastics

Mackenzie Lyles

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Mackenzie teaches school-age gymnastics classes that range from intro up to intermediate style classes

Elizabeth Weaver

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Elizabeth teaches tumbling and advanced gymnastics

Ella Prince

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Ella specializes in working with competitive athletes.  She coaches Kindergarten up thru Competitive LV 1/2

Allison Parks

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Allison runs our front office most days @ TGIC.