Tumbling class placement is by skill not by age. Your student must be at least in kindergarten to be in a tumbling class. Your student will learn skills that help build strength and coordination as well as balance and body control. In tumbling classes your student will be working exclusively on floor skills.

Intro Tumbling

Intro tumbling is for students that are learning the basics of tumbling. They will be working on body shapes, and working on skills that will be carried into the next level of tumbling. For more information Contact Us

Beginner Tumbling

Beginner tumbling is the building blocks of the athletes tumbling foundation.  Round-offs, Handstand forward rolls, Handstand-fall to bridge, back walk-overs, and front walk-overs. For more information Contact Us

Intermediate Tumbling

Intermediate tumbling is working on standing back handsprings, running round-off back handsprings, and beginning to learn the basics of back tucks. For more information Contact Us


Advanced Tumbling

Advanced tumbling is for students who have a round off back handspring and are learning tucks, layouts, and fulls. For more information Contact Us